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White Chocolate Popcorn

I watch my granddaughter Toni, a day each week while her parents attend college.  Her favorite thing to do is to play outside but, when it is cold and rainy, I try to find indoor activities to keep her occupied.  Today we made White Chocolate Popcorn.  This recipe is quick and easy and makes a tasty snack for an active preschooler!

You will only need 2 ingredients to make it:


Microwave popcorn and white almond bark.  I like to use the plain white popcorn, that is lightly salted but, is not coated with butter.

To make about a quart of popcorn, pop one bag of the popcorn and pour onto a large pan or cookie sheet.  Be sure to pick out any unpopped kernels.

pouring popped corn into a dish

Next, melt 3 squares of the almond bark in microwave safe bowl.

cutting almond bark

almond bark after first melting

I like to microwave it for 60 seconds on high, remove from microwave, and stir.

after second melting

Then return to microwave and cook for 20 more seconds on high.  Stir until it is completely melted.   At this point if your almond bark still has large chunks, microwave on high at 20 second intervals, stirring after each interval, until it is completely melted.

Now you are ready to pour the chocolate over the popcorn.

pouring chocolate over popcorn

Stir the popcorn until all kernels are evenly coated.

stirring to evenly coat

Now pour the popcorn onto a large sheet of waxed paper and allow to dry.

pouring onto waxed paper

After the popcorn is dry, break into pieces if they are stuck together.

Toni helping

I let my granddaughter, Toni, help me break up the pieces and put them into an airtight container for storage.

putting into storage container

Toni liked helping, but she loved eating the popcorn!

Toni eating popcorn

This also makes a nice gift if you know someone who needs a little cheering up!

white chocolate popcorn



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  1. Per Alton Brown (TV chef), you should close the bag with TWO stplaes, five inches apart from each other. No, the microwave will not explode, and the bag won’t catch fire. I’ve done it, it works great!

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